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Michał Maciaszek – from childhood, he was connected with movement. At the age of 5, he was already training in martial arts, and at the age of 8, he joined the Gymnastics section of CWKS Legia. After finishing his professional career, he continued to develop physically in various related disciplines (acrobatics, parkour, tricking, calisthenics, capoeira). Throughout his long sports and travel career, he encountered various disciplines, from bodybuilding and Muay Thai to yoga and meditation. For years, he has been using his knowledge of movement and stillness, adapting it to assist both professional athletes and those returning to physical activity after a break. He has led a series of original movement classes inspired by Movement Culture, Ido Portal, and Fighting Monkey, as well as workshops in AcroYoga, Gymnastics for CrossFit, Handstand training, Animal Flow, Functional Movement Screen fitness tests, Anatomy Trains in Motion, and is a Blackroll trainer and a Yoga RYT200 teacher. He co-founded the Academy in the Ground of Movement and is currently the founder of Move-Me.



Head teacher at MoveMe


Stretching Workshops – Inez Guderska


Blackroll Breath – Sandra Osipiuk


Yoga Teacher Training RYT200 – Mahi Yoga


Stretching in Gymnastics – and WCSG

Mobility, Stability, and Movement Patterns – CSS, Konrad Topolski, and Mariusz Dzięcioł

Training Programming – CSS, Konrad Topolski, and Arkadiusz Czerw

Blackroll Sleep

Corset – Ido Portal Team

Jozef Barc Open Workshop

Connecting Core and Shoulders – Coach Szyc

Inspire by Fighting Monkey – Natalia Pieczuro

Stretching – Open Training – Neoclassica

Teacher – Akademia w Gruncie Ruchu


Movement X Ido Portal & Team

Combat Partnering – Jakub Gontarski

Contemporary Dance Festival Na Bosaka

PlayFight – Bruno Cavez


Need of Movement

Movement Archer – Tom Waksler

BLACKROLL Trainer Course – Blackroll

Animal Flow Teacher Training – Animal Flow

Kettlebell Hardstyle Training – Bronisław Olenkowicz

Contemporary Dance Festival Cyrkulacje

Mining Movement 1.0 Workshops – Natural Training

Anatomy Trains for Movement Coaches – Anatomy Trains


Functional Movement Screen – Trening Funkcjonalny

Contemporary Dance Festival Spacer

Motivation in Personal Training – Trainer’s Secrets

Gymnastics Instructor Course

Sports Acrobatics Instructor Course


Warsaw Flow Contact Improvisation Festival

Bodybuilding Instructor Course – PAS


AcroYoga Teacher Training Level 1 –



Michał was born in Zamość, but at the age of 3 months, he moved with his family to Warsaw, spending his childhood in Gocław on the southern part of Praga.

His journey with movement began at the age of five with Jiu-Jitsu at Zanshin Urszula Zalewska-Dudek. At the age of eight, he joined the Gymnastics section of CWKS Legia Andrzej Wronka. Many years of diverse training, led by a warm-hearted coach, inspired him to dedicate the rest of his life to movement.


At the age of fourteen, he joined the Acrobatics section of Legia Warsaw. During his education at I SLO on Bednarska Street, he developed his passion for movement by practicing Capoeira with the Unicar group and participating in numerous outings with the Ruch Rycerski group, focused on armed combat.


During a year-long youth exchange in Minnesota, USA, organized by the Rotary Club, he became familiar with athletics, particularly pole vaulting. He also began his journey with strength sports.

While studying computer science at PJWSTK in Warsaw, he honed his skills in weightlifting, motorcycle racing, and skydiving.

In another student exchange, this time in Japan, he tried traditional Karate and Kendo. From Japan, he embarked on a six-month journey to Brazil, where he resumed practicing Capoeira.


After two years abroad, he returned to Poland to complete his Master’s studies in Computer Science and resume acrobatic and trick training at DKS Targówek and WSMAT.


His agility was recognized by Egurrola Dance Studio, and he was offered a place in the Jazz ONE group led by Paweł Michno, with whom he won a silver medal at the Polish Championships.


After completing his computer science studies with the title of Engineer (MSc), he bought a one-way ticket to Asia, returning to his home country after three years. Besides Asia, he traveled extensively in the Middle East and Australia, finding something for himself in every place. In Nepal and Pakistan, he became fascinated with Himalayan expeditions. In China, he spent several weeks at the Shaolin Temple, learning Kung Fu. In India, he immersed himself in Yoga and co-organized international juggling meetings. In Thailand, he lived in a Muay Thai Camp, visited various climbing and diving spots, and cycled over 2000 kilometers from Phnom Penh in Cambodia to Vang Vieng in Laos.


His first experience with Vipassana meditation in India in 2014 unexpectedly shifted his inner hunger for adventure toward self-exploration. Later that same year, he returned to Poland to begin a fascinating journey into himself and his physical fascinations.


To learn AcroYoga, he initiated regular meetings in a small apartment on Aleja Niepodległości in Warsaw, where enthusiasts informally gathered for sessions. The group quickly grew, motivating Michał to acquire the necessary qualifications.


Since May 2015, he has been the first full-fledged AcroYoga instructor, teaching both in Poland and abroad.


During this time, he also obtained additional coaching qualifications, including Body Building, which allowed him to experiment with calisthenics training.


He led numerous workshops on handstands, inverted positions, and Acrobatics for Pole Dance (opening the only male Acro Pole group in Poland). In 2016, he returned to teaching Acrobatics and Gymnastics, adapting them to the needs of dancers and CrossFit enthusiasts.


Concerned not only with achievements but also with overall fitness and safety for his students, he completed an FMS course. In 2017, he spent time attending various training sessions, including Animal Flow, Blackroll coaching, and Anatomy Trains for movement trainers.


In 2018, he finally met Ido Portal and delved into the Movement alongside a group of passionate individuals, creating the Academy within the Grunt movement community.

In 2019, he continued his exploration of Movement, traveling to India at the end of the year to study Yoga and ask himself, “Does the practice I engage in support me, or do I support the practice?”


During the Covid pandemic, he moved his activities online and created the portal


During training, he is characterized by calmness and awareness. In classes, he encourages students to give their best in the moment, without competing with anyone or anything.

“The journey is more important than the goal.”.

He draws inspiration for his training from his numerous experiences, avoiding rigid focus on a single technique. He encourages his students to find their own way of expression.

“Our body is with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

He approaches physicality holistically. For him, it’s not something we do 2-3 times a week during training.

“No latest diet or training method can tell us what we need better than our own body. We just need to learn to listen to it.”  

Therefore, he teaches others to listen to themselves. He sees his role as someone who, using their experience, helps others on their unique path.

How can we take care of our physical well-being?

First and foremost, start feeling it. Not just the soreness after a workout, but also the movement of your body during a walk, your breath, or your heartbeat during a stressful conversation. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing participants in my classes physically develop (not to be confused with just growing!). They begin to focus on how they sleep, how much they sleep, how they commute to work, how they sit, what they eat, what they train, and how they spend their free time. Then they draw conclusions to improve the quality of their lives.

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