MoveMe / Michal Jerzy Maciaszek

Become the best version of yourself

Take care of yourself under the guidance of an experienced coach

Favorite Trainings

Yoga & Mobility

Working on mobility improves joint range of motion and has therapeutic effects on stiffness and pain in the body.

Bodybuilding & Strength

Improves appearance and well-being and makes the body feel younger and better able to cope with everyday life.

Movement & Acrobatics

The elements of coordination, inverted positions, spatial work, rhythm, and muscle memory can elevate body awareness to a different level.


This is a movement project founded by Michał Jerzy Maciaszek, combining various types of training into an accessible form of practice. It focuses on personal training, workshops, coaching, retreats, and online courses.

Appreciated In Poland And Around The World


"A heavy workload made it difficult for me to find time and motivation for workouts. Thanks to MoveMe, I managed to break through this inertia, get back in shape, and even improve it."



"Sport was never a part of my life, and at the gym, I didn’t know what to do or how to exercise. MoveMe dispelled my doubts and made me enjoy training!"



“I’ve always been active, but my sedentary work routine and incorrect technique led me to seek out a knowledgeable trainer who could guide me effectively.”


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