MoveMe / Michal Jerzy Maciaszek

What I teach

Training for beginners

We will identify your training goals and together we will look for an easy way to achieve them. We will find exercises that you like and make training simple and clear.

Bodybuilding and general development training

“There are two types of people, those who want to look better (regardless of what it means to them) and those who don’t admit it.” Do you want to improve the appearance of your figure and feel better in your body at the same time?

Corrective and pain release training

Lower back pain, tense neck, head forward, rounded back, flat feet are some of the common ailments that can be worked with.

Mobility & Stretching

A stiff head in the body. A sedentary lifestyle and spending many hours in the shrimp position are not conducive to a mobile body. Chronically tense muscles limit the flow of fluids and are associated with many civilization diseases.

Movement & Acrobatics

Want to take your physicality to a new level? Do you want your training to stimulate you intellectually, not just physically? Improve your coordination and test how far your body’s awareness and capabilities reach?

Strength training & Calisthnics

Looks are looks, but you just want to lift heavy weights and/or do amazing poses?

Foam Rolling and self-massage

Classes involving muscle relaxation and general tension in the body using balls, rollers, rollers and breathing.

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