Because of the particular situation that we’re in I invite you to ONLINE conference classes. You’ll be able to see me and I’ll be able to see you so I can make personal corrections

We use that is free for you. The only thing you need to do is send me and email on at least a day before and after receiving a confirmation log in 15min before via link that I’ll send you. Zoom’a can be used on the phone or on a PC via web browser or app.

All the class program is made the way that you can practice having 3x3m of space. Except Handstand class that requires a wall 😉

Single class cost $4.

Meditation class is donation based.

More info on Facebook group

Online Coaching in Polish and English

Personal Coaching and small group couching

Movement Basics

Developing movement awareness, researching body capabilities and limitations and weak links improvement.

Handstand and Invertions

Handstand, Headstand, Forearm stand, shoulder stand and more.

Acrobatic techniques

Deconstructing difficult moves from any field (Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Yoga, Capoeira, Tricking, Dance) into simple ones and then putting them together.

Strength training

Building a stable and elastic body armour.


Improving ranges of motion and strengthening muscles on the extreme ends.

Partner work

Learning how to listen, observe and communicate in AcroYoga, Acrobatics, Partner work for dancers, PlayFight

Regular classes at Akademia w Gruncie Ruchu in Warsaw


  • Movement – Basics
  • Handstands
  • AcroYoga
  • Crossfit Gymnastics
  • Acrobatics for Dancers
  • Acrobatics for Pole Dance

and lectures:

  • Movement Philosophy